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In the menu along the left side of the screen you will see two catagories: Visions of Middle Earth and Visions of The Players. Each section contains suggestions for various areas of the game, such as for housing, user interface, professions, and questing.

Some suggestions are my own, while others came from the general community in the lead-up to the game's release in 2007. Since then there have been thousands of new suggestions, or variants thereof made on the official forums, far to many to add here; but time-permitting I wll attempt to include what I can and illustrate as many as appropriate.

Thank you for visiting!

The Hunt for the Ring Flash Map - NEW

A new map, The Hunt for the Ring is now availabe. This simple interactive map follows through the timeline from Gandalf telling Frodo about the Ring, through his journey to Rivendell, and precarious arrival.

Using various the various timelines found in the LOTR appendix, Atlas of Middle Earth, and the online Encyclopedia of Arda, I compiled a visual timeline of the events surrounding the Nazgul's hunt for the One Ring. While not completely accurate, this map does serve to give a sense of the overall chase, near misses, and strategies used by the Witch King in the attempt to recover the Ring.

Just click the Start button and then the Next and Previous buttons to navigate the timeline.


Updated History and Speculated Expansions Flash Map

An Updated Speculated Expansion Schedule map is availabe (dated May 2008). Just click on each arrow for Month or Year to forward the timeline.

As always, remember this is just fun speculation, not a serious guess. Everyone has their opinions on what they want to come first and how soon. This is just one idea of thousands of possibilities. Only time will tell.

The map will continually be updated as Turbine releases actual information on what the Content Updates and Expansions will be. Next map updated scheduled for early 2009.

Updated - Interactive Horse Route Map

The Horse Route Flash Map has been updated.

In addition to marking the locations of Stable-Masters, their destinations, and travel costs, the map now includes approximate travel times (rounded to nearest 15 seconds) and travel routes within Eregion.

Just click the image below to explore the roads and ways of Middle-Earth.

*Some listed routes are currently incomplete but will be filled in.
Feel free to contact me about any suggestions or corrections


Tavern Revelries Concept

Introducing a new game concept of Tavern Revelries.

Using the Fellowship Maneuvers mechanics, this system uses triggered actions of feasting, drinking, dancing, and other social activities to gain additional buffs for adventuring, while turning it into a teamwork mini-game. The more complex the combinations, the greater the benefits. Read more.

You can now view the concept on the official discussion forums.

Caravans and Companies Concept

Caravans and Companies are basically a concept for mobile Swift-Travel vendors, gated by Level, Reputation, Traveling Rations, and a Cooldown timer.

This feature differs from current Stable Masters and personal travel options in that the vendors themselves travel in the wild along pre-determined paths, so you are not guaranteed to meet them in a predictable fashion.

I have created a small Flash map presentation to better illustrate the concept:

Homesteads Flash Map

Flash maps of each homestead are available for viewing. Each map provides location, cost, and street names for each neighborhood type.

Preview Server housing costs by Greyshot


Shire Homstead Thorin's Gate Homestead Bree Homestead Falathlorn Homestead  

Player Survey (submitted Dec 28, 2007)

Given that so many players are driven to speculate on the future of LOTRO game, I've been interested in the variety of responses whenever someone brings up the topic and also how each player's interest or investment in LOTRO drives their expectations.

So I thought a survey might be a fun way of shedding more light on what makes players (at least the vocal population) expect or wish for certain things from a Lord of the Rings game.

The Results Page can be found here.

The Expectations for 2008 entries will be listed once they have been fully tallied (there were quite a lot).

The original survey was conducted on the Official Discussion forums on Dec 28, 2007.


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